How to get more money in Street Rod

How do you get more money in Street Rod?

  1. Buy the 1949 Chevrolet 2dr Styleline for $475
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  2. Remove the transmission
  3. Completely remove the engine
  4. Sell the car for $30000
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How to play Street Rod on Windows

If you wonder how to play Street Rod on Windows, here’s a quick guide:

  1. Download DOSBox for Windows here (select “Run” when asked what to do with the file).
  2. Install DOSBox
    1. Select “Yes” when asked whether to allow the program “from an unknown publisher to make changes to this computer”.
    2. Click “Next”, “Next” and “Install”. After the program is installed select “Close”.
  3. Download Street Rod. (or Street Rod 2)
  4. Unzip the above file to c:\Games
  5. Start DOSBox
    1. Type mount c c:\Games (You’ll get the message: Drive C is mounted as local directory c:\Games\)
    2. Type c: followd by cd SR1
    3. Type sr to start Street Rod

This screenshot is from Windows 8 but the above guide should work for every version of Windows.


1963 Ford Futura Falcon on the Car Data Disk?

I came across the following fragment:

Back to the Futura? No, the 1963 Ford Falcon Futura is not one of the street rods you can choose in Street Rod, a game that ultimately pits you against…

(Maybe the Futura is on the optional car data disk that offers 25 additional cars)

So, no Ford Falcon on the Car Data Disk, but the disk itself is mentioned once again!


Some more information about the Car Data Disk

There’s some more information about the Street Rod Car Data Disk in the following article.

Street Rod (California Dreams; IBM; $49.95). If you spent your high school days cruising the strip, Street Rod will be a drive down memory lane for you. The object of the game is to beat the King of the Strip in a drag race. You pick your car from a list of 25 classic models, from a `32 little Deuce Coupe to a `63 Corvette. Then you customize and fine-tune your car so that it can survive the qualifying matches before your encounter with the King. An add-on disk with 25 additional cars, including my favorite, a `34 Woodie Wagon, is available for $15 extra.

To sum up the above article:

  1. The Car Data Disk costs $15
  2. Has 25 additional cars (we already knew this)
  3. Contains a ’34 Woodie Wagon
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Article in PC Games Magazine

There’s an article about Street Rod in PC Games Magazine January/February 1991.
PC-Games-January-February-1991Take a look at the Press page to view the article.

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Street Rod Car Data Disk revisited

In January this year I wrote about the “Street Rod Car Data Disk“.

This week I discovered a California Dreams – Winter 1990 Product Catalog. It came with an original copy of Street Rod for Commodore.


It’s a four wise folded leaflet which mentions Street Rod as one of the products of California Dreams.


But it also mentions the Street Rod Data Disk!

Street Rod Data Disk, available now for IBM PC/TANDY.


Look for the Street Rod™ Data Disk coming soon, and choose from an additional 25 hot rods that you can customize and race.


Wow, that’s major step forward on this subject. However, I can’t find any more information about it. I start to believe that California Dreams had it planned for release but they didn’t/couldn’t ship the disk for whatever reason.

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Original copy for sale

The following original copy of Street Rod is for sale on Ebay.
Note: I am not affiliated with the seller.
$(KGrHqR,!qIFHG(NpVzNBR6dsHk,l!~~60_57Street Rod 2 for IBM PC
Current bid: $34.00 / €25,63 Sold

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News from Ford

In January this year I requested Ford for a license to use their brand name and car models. I had to fill in quite an elaborate form and had to supply them with all sorts of information.

Today I got a response:

“We can do a license with you.”

Check back on this post and read how this quest unfolds.

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Original copies for sale

The following original copies of Street Rod are for sale on Ebay.
Note: I am not affiliated with the sellers.

$(KGrHqRHJEEFENiBKr(MBRHq5O!1C!~~60_3Street Rod 2 for IBM PC
Buy now price: $79.99 / €61,77 Sold

Street-Rod-01Street Rod for Amiga
Buy now price: $310.79 / €239,99 new price: $301.17 / €229,99 Sold


Street Rod Car Data Disk

One of the original Street Rod boxes has the following sticker:

Special Offer!

Get the Street Rod Car Data Disk at a special low price.

See Details Inside.

This puzzles me, nothing inside the box suggests there’s an extra data disk. I don’t know of any extra car data disk for Street Rod.

If anyone knows more about this please comment.