Join us in the race to fund the original Street Rod Card Game

Hi Street Rodder!

Still want to play the original Street Rod cardgame? We went live, just minutes ago! Who’s with us? Click!

uitleg plaatjes

New features are:

  • Early Bird Discount (check it out)
  • Enhanced gameplay (giving every player a greater chance to win)
  • Online Street Rod Companion App (no more calculations for the lazy ones among us)
  • Extra Reward Tier: Double Deluxe!!!
  • Lower funding goal due to better quotes

Hi everyone, Whoops we shouted, yes, but we’re so very excited about this: we just relaunched our campaign to turn the famous Retro Street Rod video games into a bright card game. The original graphics, the same tracks, the tuning in the garage and of course earning bucks during the races; all the things we so loved about the video game: it’s all in the game.

Have a look at all the new looks and join us in this new campaign. Let’s race! 

5 comments on “Join us in the race to fund the original Street Rod Card Game

  1. Is it possible to make available the image of Street Rod 1 game cover in good quality? I would love to make one t-shirt for me but I can’t find the cover in jpg format with good quality.
    Thank you

  2. Is there any plan to re-release the card game? Or make available for printing? I’d gladly pay for it

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