Some more information about the Car Data Disk

There’s some more information about the Street Rod Car Data Disk in the following article.

Street Rod (California Dreams; IBM; $49.95). If you spent your high school days cruising the strip, Street Rod will be a drive down memory lane for you. The object of the game is to beat the King of the Strip in a drag race. You pick your car from a list of 25 classic models, from a `32 little Deuce Coupe to a `63 Corvette. Then you customize and fine-tune your car so that it can survive the qualifying matches before your encounter with the King. An add-on disk with 25 additional cars, including my favorite, a `34 Woodie Wagon, is available for $15 extra.

To sum up the above article:

  1. The Car Data Disk costs $15
  2. Has 25 additional cars (we already knew this)
  3. Contains a ’34 Woodie Wagon

3 comments on “Some more information about the Car Data Disk

  1. We defiantly need the original source code since the original game (SR1)
    ran much smoother on a XT pc than on the more modern CPUs (286,386 and etc)
    I have a 186 laptop grayscale CGA and the game runs very smoothly there, (the racing part), so we need to fix that inconsistency in the code.

  2. Just in case it wasn’t mentioned on this site before:
    As the data disc was supposed to introduce 25 new cars and Street Rod 2 contained 25 cars, I guess the data disc project was dropped and turned into a sequel instead.

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