New: Street Rod – the cardgame

This year we will once again enrich the Street Rod universe with: ‘Street Rod – the card game’. Buy parts, customize your rod, race your opponents and beat the king! As the card game is for 2-4 players, now it’s possible to race your friends too.

The deck consists of 12 cars, 16 opponents and 26 parts. The game is easy to learn, offering many strategic roads to victory. The unique racing-mechanic (without dice!) ensures a fun and interactive gameplay.

Our friends at www.GaudeteGames.com will bring the game to the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform this spring.

Stay tuned for more updates!


7 comments on “New: Street Rod – the cardgame

  1. That’s… disappointing. After all these years, after the rights change to the IP, we’re getting.. not a race game, a card game.


  2. Well a card game! Wasn’t expecting that! But as always I will support this too! Let us know when the game is on Kickstarter, I wll back it up!

    I just hope that the limit to get this going isn’t too high! I really hope this project can be done!

  3. Very cool! If the price is right I will back it for sure. Thanks for doing this, Marco.

  4. If it’s a reasonable price I’ll buy it! Would love to have more Street Rod games too. Do you have the source code for the games?

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