Copyright and licenses

News from Ford

In January this year I requested Ford for a license to use their brand name and car models. I had to fill in quite an elaborate form and had to supply them with all sorts of information. Today I got a response: “We can do a license with you.” Check back on this post and […]

Street Rod and Street Rod 2 no longer abandonware

Street Rod and Street Rod 2 have been considered Abandonware by many. As of today, 14th January 2013, Street Rod and Street Rod 2 are no longer abandonware. This website will provide official download links to Street Rod and Street Rod 2. I’m the process of finding the original sourcecode so the offered downloads are […]

Transfer of copyright ownership

My offer for the copyright of the original Street Rod series has been accepted. I’m waiting for the signed contract. [update] I received the signed contract which makes me copyright owner of Street Rod and Street Rod 2.

News from Chrysler

I got a call from The Licensing Company today (Licensing office for Chrysler). They don’t want to proceed granting a license yet. They rather see me getting a license from the other car manufacturers first and then follow their decision. More news: My Mac is broken ): so no progress on development.

Licensing cars

Using car brand names and car shapes without getting permission from the rightful owners is not legal. Doing so may (will) result in cease-and-desist letters. For a game, which relies so heavily on real (classic American) cars, it’s very important to have (trademark) licenses. Below is a list of cars used in the Street Rod […]