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Street Rod for Amiga

Here’s what I’ve been waiting for: An original Amiga version of Street Rod. It’s an “Electronic Arts Distribution” version which means it’s a first release version of Street Rod. This version has a full colour manual. Later versions have a simple black and white photocopied manual and don’t have an “Electronic Arts Distribution” sticker on […]

California Dreams

Here’s a little bit of extra background information on Street Rod. It was just some information I came across long time ago and I wanted to share it. Logical Design Works used the label California Dreams to release Street Rod and Street Rod 2. Note the trademark sign in the upper right corner of the […]

Original copy for sale

The following original copy of Street Rod is for sale on Ebay. Note: I am not affiliated with the seller. Street Rod for IBM PC Buy now price (or make an offer): $74.99 / €54,38 $67.49 / €49,16 $50.00 / €36,57 Sold

Special package

I’ll be watching my mailbox frequently this week, I’m expecting a special package.

Article in Aktueller Software Markt

There’s an article (in German/auf Deutsch) about Street Rod in Aktueller Software Markt March 1990. Take a look at the Press page to view the article.