My name is Marco Kleijer, I’m a Freelance Java Specialist, I create software for a living.

In December 2012 my company, MK Consultancy, acquired copyright ownership of Street Rod and Street Rod 2.

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  1. Sounds good I’m looking forward to Street Rod Online. I enjoyed Street Rod and found Street Rod 2 almost impossible to play, it was way too hard. Please let me know when Street Rod Online becomes available.

  2. Street Rod 2 was anything but difficult to play. I played it as a child growing up. I cherished playing this game as a kid in grade school. I’m SOOO excited to try the new version, i hope the engine building is still exactly like SR2 with the screws and everything. LOVE IT!!

    • Engine building will be exactly the same. I want the racing to be a bit different (smoother, more responsive, better graphics).

      • That would be very good. I played it sometimes during the last 20 years on many computer systems from 486 to quad-core, but never managed to understand it’s controls, too much “stutering” I guess. Maybe a steering weel helps…

  3. Do you have an idea when you expect to release the product? Very keen,one of my favourite games ever. Can I make a request for a car? 1949 dodge coronet business coupe.

    • I can’t tell you the release date because I don’t know at current. I work on this project when I have time. That’s the disadvantage of a “hobby” project.

      As for your request I added it to JIRA as a feature request, SRO-32.

  4. Hey Marco! I read the article about this development on Pressfire. This is really exciting news and I have added your page to favorites to follow the progress. I loved this game in my younger days – keep up the good work!!!

  5. Looking forward. One of my favourite oldies

  6. Helemaal te gek Marco.

    Op mijn werk spelen we de game nu nog op oude laptops (486 / Pentium), maar we kunnen niet wachten tot de online versie draait.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Bedankt voor je reactie. 486’s, waar zie je die nog tegenwoordig (:
      Helemaal geen gek idee. Met een goede 386 krijg je toch meer het gevoel dat je echt Street Rod speelt zoals vroeger (ipv met DOSBox).

      • Beide laptops draaien de games (sr1 + sr2) zonder DOSBox. De 486 wordt dmv F8 in het opstartscherm gelijk in MS DOS geladen en de game wordt dan gestart. De P3 laadt de game vanuit Windows en je speelt het zonder problemen. Het enige waar ik mee zit met de P3 is dat er geen geluid uit de speakers komt en ik een headset moet gebruiken voor geluid. Echter is het volume niet in hoogte aan te passen, dus dat is ook niet prettig. Ben op MP aan het speuren naar onderdelen voor de laptop. Alles voor Street Rod!

      • Marco,

        Nog één vraag: In SR2 geeft The King aan dat ik meer Mulholland Races moet winnen om hem uit te dagen. Als ik deze race rijd, dan komt er ergens middenin de bergen en soort gat in het asfalt over de gehele breedte, waar ik altijd mijn auto crash. Hoe kom ik hier aan voorbij? Moet ik erover vliegen o.i.d.?

        Mvg, Jaap

  7. Even oefenen en het is inderdaad nu gelukt. Maar het blijft een lastige track, die Mulholland Drive. Veel moeilijker dan SR1. Mijn huidige record daar is 455uur, maar die verbeter ik dit weekend aanzienlijk. Ik ben bij SR2 nu zover, dat ik tegen The King moet en de Drag Race is geen probleem, maar de Mulholland Drive met hem is gekkenwerk.

    Waar kan ik trouwens bij SR2 de differentieel verwisselen? Ik kan er wel één kopen in de Newspaper, maar ik heb nog niet ontdekt waar ik het kan verwisselen. Of kan dat toch niet?

    • Jaap, I’ll answer in English.
      I think you’ve found the answer to your “differential” question already. If not: You can change the differential by clicking on the (brown) creeper (or press ‘U’). Next click on the differential (or press ‘L’).

    • My record is 254 hours, got it twice now. I don’t think it is possible to do it any faster than that.

  8. I am an aspiring game programmer and I want to make a total remake of Street Rod with new hand drawn graphics and fictitious car brands.

    Is that something you would be ok with?

  9. i’m having error’s when i try to open either game after choosing vga i get error saying system does not support full screen. what can i do?

  10. I am dying to have this and tell friends about it too but it wont work on windows 7 like guy above said does not support full screen . Even in DOS mode with SR.EXE
    I used to paly this on Amiag and I say Bring it back this is the original gran tourismo !!

  11. Marco,

    Why not develop a version for modern day tablets? Nowadays a lot of people have a tablet and I think a lot of people would not mind to pay €1,- or €2,- for a great game like this. I most definitely would!


  12. Agree with the above loved this game. it would be a hit on tablets IPad would be awesome. My favorite game ever…

  13. Hi I would love to see a iPad version and would be more than happy to pay plz look at it thanks shaun

  14. Excellent dude, i’m a huge fan of SR, SR2 long time ago… Nice to hear that this will see a sequel online. Hope the best!!!


  15. Hoi Marco wat cool zeg. Was gisteren bij Albert Los, hij heeft zijn eigen abandonware site maar mocht deze niet meer hosten. Nu zie ik dat jij ermee aan de gang gaat. Succes!

    • Hey (: ja leuk he. Een stukje jeugdsentiment wat aan de haal met mij is gegaan.
      (Het wereldje is weer erg klein als je ziet hoe jij, ik en Albert gelinkt zijn en hoe je hier dan op deze site terecht bent gekomen)

  16. a few years ago there was a few people developing streetrod3 the sequel but in 3d, I told them that they should just make the game 2d as the original with more cars and parts and online gameplay. can’t wait to see streetrodonline this finished!

  17. hi, so loocking forward to this
    it will be amazing if we can play it on cellphones
    is there an estimated release date ?

  18. A 49 Merc, chop tops in the classifieds, maybe add a show option as well as the drag race. Customizing like drenched headlights or even engine swaps!

  19. Hi, I managed to run sr1 on android using dosbox turbo. Since I’m new to this im struggling with the keyboard, but it looks good, runs smooth, sounds as crappy as the PC speaker ever sounded (and I just love that sound). I just love this game ever since I played it back in the day. Will tell if I get the keys working.

  20. Works great with an app called gamepad…

  21. How do I get it to work? I’m running Windows 8

  22. This is so exciting! Street Rod II was my favorite game as a kid, and I recently downloaded it again. I’ve never played Street Rod I…but I just grabbed it from your “downloads” page. Awesome!
    My ultimate dream would be to have a period-correct next-gen hot rodding game set in about 1964, with full car customization. Imagine Street Rod, but with more cars, more options,and a large open world, but still the same accessible style of parts-buying and customization. There is a limited audience for that kind of game these days, so I think it will have to remain a dream. Not to mention the difficulties involved in obtaining rights to use the various brand names…not just the automakers, but the parts as well (Hurst, Edelbrock, Iskendarian, Champion, M&H, Edmunds, just to name a few).Thanks for bringing Street Rod back, though. It’s a fantastic experience.

  23. Hey man, are you still around?

  24. Wow, this is awesome! You got the license for the games. Kudo’s to you for keeping this games memory alive. Me and my mate used to play this game all the time, for years. A remake would be a nostalgic dream come true. Definitely looking forward to its release!

  25. Looking at the manual I couldn’t help myself. The specificatications of cars and specially their proces did not correspond to the real game. How come?

  26. Hi, sorry to bother you, but I want to know if you`re aware of a game with the name and theme of street rod that is advertised on several online sites like this:

    I wrote some mails to the devs and they didn`t answer, I asked when is their release date, but now I know that you own the rights to SR, I`d like to know your opinion

    Thank you, and please excuse my english, my inborn regional settings are spanish argentina 😛

  27. Just wondering if it’s possible to create an exe that will run a batch file of both amiga versions? Keep up the great work! And WOW! SRSE is something else – I love it! I can be caught most mornings playing it on my libretto with a coffee 😉

  28. You can use WinUAE to run Amiga’s versions.

    • Im aware of that however it would be great if there could be an exe made just for convenience sake 😉 Like ‘The Company’ have done with countless amiga classics, they run them using a modified version of winuae that is compiled into an exe. Also no load times either!

  29. There needs to be a mod done to Street Rod 1 where you can keep racing after you beat the King or when summer is over. Does anyone know if this could be possible?

  30. Hey man, I spent countless years playing this on c64. I mean years haha. If you can port these originals to the android market you will have a large captive audience overnight. If you need help let me know

  31. a beautifully balanced game, i always found……..evokes nostalgia and i was born in 1974:) thanks Marco

  32. I honestly just stumbled cross this site and it brings me back t playing on my 386 pc. Of course I hit the turbo button before playing SR1!

    If you need any help with anything let me know!

  33. Hello Marco! It’s nice to see that someone still working on the game. Good job! But what programming language this game built on?

  34. This is AWESOME! Thank you so much for the SE version!

  35. Check this out: http://spex84.deviantart.com/gallery/

    This guy has a great vision of what a new Street Rod game could be. I know, it would require a small development team to achieve but boy would it be awesome or what? Just thought I’d let you know, since you own the rights to the franchise.

    Regards, Patrik

  36. It’s about time someone does that! 🙂 Altough I must say playing the game in WinUAE is looking better (the engine parts) and you can play it full screen!!!
    Also the sound are the original Amiga sounds and not the PC speaker squiks from those days 😉

    But me and my buddies played it a lot! We’re born in 1980 but played Commodore 64-128 Amiga 500-1200 games a lot before we went on PC gaming…

    Would be very nice to have a Streed Rod Android Edition for on the road 😉

    Oh and if you want a great boost in the game start a new game like this: (at least from my experience)

    Buy the first car (1939 Pontiac 2 dr coupe for $385) –> if you want another colour choose Forget it and buy it again until you find the colour you want (saves a paint job)

    Go to garage and pop the hood:
    remove 2-brl carb
    remove 2-brl manifold
    Change transmission:
    remove Auto trnsmsn GM

    Sell part:
    Auto trnsmsn GM
    GM 2-brl manifold –> KEEP the 2-brl carb fits all!!!

    Buy parts:
    Racing 4-speed GM
    2-brl carb fits all –> buy it 2 times
    GM manifold. For 3-2 brl carbs

    Install all the parts and fine tune your engine so it hits the red marker on your engine (that’s max performance)


    Go race, choose Road Race and Pink Slips –> only choose cars where you don’t see the engine popping out of their hoods yet 😉
    You can tacle V8’s with your V6, don’t worry. Maybe not in straight streets, but you’ll gain on them iin cornering 😉

    If you loose, reloead your saved game and try agin!
    If you win, sell the car for roughly the same price as you can buy it in the newspaper (just sell it for 200 less or so) –> tip, choose 2 times No Thanks if he makes an offer. The 3th time you have to lower your price just a bit and he’ll buy most of the time! If not, lower your price and he WILL buy.

    BOOM direct a few 1.000 dollar to start with 😉

    KEEP YOUR CAR as the opponents will think your a stupid V6 😉 –> strip the bumpers and chop the roof for more speed and buy/install some racing tires for better grip in corners. Oh and fill your tank!

    Voila have fun for this classic game!!! But do try it in WinUAE it is soooo much better 😉

    En als je het niet begrijpt, vraag je het maar in’t Nederlands want ik ben Vlaming :p

  37. At the PC store i worked at we had a ASUS motherboard on display that at one time had been hit by lightening, CAUGHT FIRE and continued to run the, the customer called us in fora an on site visit due to no internet, when the tech got the the PCI slots and plastic was still smoldering WHILE it was still running with out issue.

  38. That’s the kind of stuff a “freak” wants to hear 😉
    Building computers for many people for like 20 years or so. ALWAYS with ASUS motherboards and graphic cards, NEVER having problems with them.

    Also have other stuff but I must say it’s not as good as their mobo’s and cards… It’s certainly decent, but others might be the better choice.

    I can tell you hours about ASUS, but that will be a bit off topic :p
    I won first and third place of their ASUS P.R.I.D.E. contest once and they contacted me they never heard of such enthusiastic comment, so yeah 🙂

    Anyway I just like quality, and so was Street Rod in those days…

    • Asus laptops are short of garbage, dissemble is… i don’t even wanna talk about it. forget finding parts.

      I never had issues with SR2 for me it was a continuation of SR1 just with new cars and scenery. I did find it plays not as good in dosbox if the cycles are set to high.

  39. Oh yeah, and like others, I liked SR1 but disliked SR2… It was way harder to control and the graphics were… meuh 🙂

  40. SR1 for the win! Hope this game happens!


    • El juego tiene un calendario interno, y tenes nada mas que un verano para derrotar al rey de la carretera (road king) no se si sera por un tema del crack o si pasa algo raro con el juego, el original que jugaba en el pentium 133 era asi tambien, pero podia jugar muchisimos dias antes de que termine el verano en el calendario del juego.

  42. What do I need to do to play this on a mac!!

  43. Any chance this game is being made into an app? I’m sure it would kill it, can’t make it work on my laptop and would love to play it.

  44. Chris, you should be able to play it on your laptop. Can you tell us more about the hardware an OS you are using?

  45. Any way to play street rod on my iPad? It was my favorite game growing up and I would love to play it again

  46. Chris and Greg, if you have a PC you can run it via WinUAE. It’s quite simpel. MANY options in WinUAE, but don’t bother too much about them, seting it up is quite easy and works WAY better than Dosbox version…

    WinUAE is like playing it on AMIGA itself! Graphics and sound is the same!!! (Dosbox is totaly not!)

  47. Hi, is it possible remove of deadline (15 September) from program SR1 or SRSE?
    How can I play continue after this timedate?

  48. Looking at both sites im going to guess that you guys have no involvement with the folks over at SR3. I would just like to beg you to not shut those guys down over legal issues. They have been working on it for years and even tho they might never finish it it would be a shame to see all their work thrown out.

    On a lighter note, i couldnt be more excited for new street rod!! I played all the versions of SR 1 and 2 (amiga was my personal fav) and have always hoped that someone would bring it back! Thank you for this!

    • we have been a bit inactive over at SR3 but, I don’t think Marco plans to shut us down. The good news is over the years new game engine development tools have made going from an idea to game a little bit less difficult.

  49. Hi Marco! Congrats on the initiative! I noticed that the version made available on line (for the old SR) does not have the fworking files for CGA graphics. Would you have that? Or maybe I’m just looking at the wrong direction? Thanks!

  50. As for Street rod 2, if you don’t have the game manual, how do you play (copyright protection requires you type a random letter from it)

  51. I also have Stree Rod. But the disk is broken disk 1.
    Can you dump all disks as floppy disk image?

  52. is there a way how to rip the text files for translation?
    Or if possible I’d love to work on the translation to Brazillian Portuguese.

  53. How can I play street Rod on my phone I love the game I played it all the time when I was younger and I would love to play again

  54. Hey there just wondering if you can get this to play on an iPad

  55. I totally remember this game from my childhood– only trouble is I couldn’t get it to run on my PC. It says “Ths app can’t run on your PC, check with the publisher”. I’m running Windows 10.

    Also, I did download SR and SR2 from another website, but I could swear it’s not entirely the version I had when I was a kid. I can distinctly remember facets of SR2 actually in SR1– i.e. check under the car for the exhaust, purchase superchargers and tunnel rams, etc. In the version I downloaded, though, all I seem to be able to purchase at best is a racing manifold and racing carbs. Any advice? Am I just remembering wrong?

    • you need an app like dosbox to run the old games, as they are too old to run on xp and up. Also sounds like you downloaded a demo version. the version here are the full versions.

  56. Thanks for bringing back to life this awesome game!
    I wish I had an APK of this game in my cell phone.

  57. tried playing SR and SR2 through the MS DOS prompt on Windows 8 and wouldn’t work. Anyway you can update and make it windows compatible?

  58. Is it possible to beat the road races in SR2? In my experience you eventually hit a gray spot on the road that instantly wrecks your car. I’ve heard you’re supposed to slow down and drive over, but that doesn’t work.

  59. Hi Marco, congratulations on acquiring two of the greatest games me and my sibling have ever played. I’m not sure if it is in the works or not but I would love to see an android port

  60. I’m planning on trying out the GPD XD using Dosbox with this. Would love to see a port with updated graphics and better handling to Android. I feel an Ad after each race or going to a race would do or pay 2.99 for no ads. Trying to setup the ultimate old games / emulator system, Street Rod is one of my childhood favorites… Trying to find another title where you start as a gladiator that is being forced to fight and then you escape with a team of other people into the sewer – this is the start of the game. Its an RPG, but cannot remember the name of the game.

  61. I would like Street Rod 3 for a Future please, I´m from the 80´s the best Geration of all…

  62. I’m making a remake of Street Rod 1 in Game Maker Studio 2. It is only for me, BUT… I’d love to publish it if I have the proper permission/licenses. Marco, if you are interested in seeing my work, just contact me.

  63. Beat SR1 now in 474h without any money cheating (but heavy save/loading ok^), probably could get it down to 3xx-low 4xx – is there any record table online?

    PS: Still a great game! 😉

    • If I remember correctly it takes not more than 30 mins to beat SR1 without any cheats, editing of save games nor saving at all. It took me a lot more when I was a kid though 😀 And I still can’t play SR2…

  64. Please release on iPhone !!!!!!!

  65. Hey Marco! I just wanted to show you and all streetrodders the work that I’been doing for several months.
    It’s a remake of the first SR and it’s almost identical to the original game. Well, the racing engine is tridimensional. I’ll show you some pics:


    I have no intention to make money with this, it’s only a dream that I always had: make my own Street Rod. It would be amazing to me, and to many streetrodders as well, to have your permission to make this project an open source project. I can send you a demo if you’re interested, I really appreciate if you take a look at this.

  66. What is going on folks! We need this game live to save us from covid depression!

  67. Hi the screenshots look good can I get a demo anywhere?
    Would be great to relive those times.

  68. been thinking too much recently on this game
    anyone watched The King of the Mountain movie? Maybe SR3 could go that way

  69. Hi everyone! No news I see… Marco, you still there?? Any chance to get green light to my project from you?

    Here’s a preview video: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1TbiPPfalAlM_gooGiBzDbfeAaLlCgu5Z?usp=sharing

    If it’s ok with you, Marco, I can make public the github repo of this project and let everyone lend a hand.

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