Street Rod Car Data Disk

One of the original Street Rod boxes has the following sticker:

Special Offer!

Get the Street Rod Car Data Disk at a special low price.

See Details Inside.

This puzzles me, nothing inside the box suggests there’s an extra data disk. I don’t know of any extra car data disk for Street Rod.

If anyone knows more about this please comment.

3 comments on “Street Rod Car Data Disk

  1. Extra cars in the original Street Rod? Haven’t heard of such a thing.

  2. […] In January this year I wrote a post about the “Street Rod Car Data Disk“. […]

  3. […] About a week ago Luís Vasquez from Portugal notified me about an item for sale on Ebay which could possibly be the Street Rod Car Data Disks. As I found out those were original disks of Street Rod itself. However, the person selling those disks also had another item for sale. After a close look I got convinced those were indeed the Street Rod Data Disks I was looking for since January 2013. […]

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