Progress on acquiring the original source code

Yesterday someone asked me if I had the original source code. I had to answer “no” to that question.

After the conversation I thought: “Maybe try to contact the original owner once more”.
So I did and with some success, no response at first, but then… my offer was declined and I got a counter offer! Progress!

Btw, please note the Kickstarter campaign launch date for Street Rod – the card game has been postponed to 23rd May, stay tuned.

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  1. I’m so happy that you’re doing this! Keep street rod alive!

  2. Holy crap, that would be something! I know this is a tall order and I’d completely understand if you wouldn’t (or couldn’t), but would you consider open sourcing the original source code? It would be amazing to be able to browse through the code on Github, see what made it tick and learn from it.

    • Yes, make the source code available as open source is definitely one of the options.
      It’s too early to even think about these decisions but it would be on par with making the games freeware (what I did back in 2013).

  3. so they want money for the source code?

  4. how much do they want?

      • Marco I don’t know that there is way to value this. Maybe if someone who works in the games industry like GOG.com could chime in but, it’s not like buying a used car or appliances. It could be worth $100 or could be worth $12000.

        In the past I know we have discussed what ever costs are associated with acquisition and development should be considered a total loss since it’s all for sake of making a game. I have no idea what they counter offered but, i know that’s one thing i keep in mind vs how bad i might want to achieve X,Y,Z.

        OR maybe you or Steve know something that I do not. After all you have achieved more than I ever have. 🙂

      • Also Another thing i just thought about. how many buyers do you see clamoring for the SR source code?

  5. I accepted the counter offer with certain conditions. Now the waiting begins…

  6. Great news Marco!

    BTW can you read the original source code? Are you familiar with the program’s language?

  7. Woooww i will have to lear about the programmer´s lenguage but..finally all the questions about the game could be answered 🙂

  8. Any news about the progress?

  9. Do you want to build online / mobile app version together? I’m web developer and SP fan since my 90s childhood.

  10. Hi, I’m another SR fan. This game marked my childhood and it would be awesome to have the source code. I’m an informatic engineer and I can give a hand with C code. I believe that they shouldn’t ask for money in exchange of the sources, but it’s the owner’s decision. Marco, if you get the source code someday, please make it open source and we’ll be a great community of Street Rodders.

  11. Status update please!

  12. Hey man, any progress? Need any help jumping through the hoops?

  13. Should you eventually get your hands on the code, try sending a note to the ScummVM team. SR is, in a sense, quite close to a graphic adventure game, so I’m sure they would try to port it if the source was provided.

  14. Hi Marco. Any news ? Merry Christmas 🙂

  15. Any Progresses on this?

  16. Hi Marco,

    Sent you an email but I’m not sure I sent it to the right place. Basically, I was wondering if you’d be interested on reverse engineering work on any of the Street Rod games and/or versions (DOS, Amiga, etc), as a form of “recovering” the assets and/or source (to either recreate the game, or remake, etc).

    Let me know if you are interested.

  17. Hi,
    with still no source code in sight, I started analyzing the game’s graphical assets. Some progress has been made:

  18. Hi, does anyone knows how to download street rod 2 next generation for Comandore C64 mini. Like website or something like that . thank you .

  19. I finally found the time to create a tool to extract and re-import the sprites.

  20. Hi guys, it´s been a long time, any update on acquiring the source code or any other major news ?

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