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Street Rod Car Data Disk

One of the original Street Rod boxes has the following sticker: Special Offer! Get the Street Rod Car Data Disk at a special low price. See Details Inside. This puzzles me, nothing inside the box suggests there’s an extra data disk. I don’t know of any extra car data disk for Street Rod. If anyone […]

Reaction from one of the original programmers

In the past I’ve had contact with one of the programmers of Street Rod. Below is a reply of him on some of my questions. For instance, I asked him if he knew where the original sourcecode was: First of all I do not know what happend with sources. Probably are forgoten and lost. Both […]

Street Rod and Street Rod 2 no longer abandonware

Street Rod and Street Rod 2 have been considered Abandonware by many. As of today, 14th January 2013, Street Rod and Street Rod 2 are no longer abandonware. This website will provide official download links to Street Rod and Street Rod 2. I’m the process of finding the original sourcecode so the offered downloads are […]