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Reaction from one of the original programmers

In the past I’ve had contact with one of the programmers of Street Rod. Below is a reply of him on some of my questions.
For instance, I asked him if he knew where the original sourcecode was:

First of all I do not know what happend with sources. Probably are forgoten and lost.
Both parts of the streetrod was mainly developed under C (Borland) critical functions was written in assembler.
I had worked only with second edition and I was responsible for racing views – front window, mirrors, landscape. I remeber exactly very ugly shapes of far distance cars – this times we had no idea how to scale color images. We also do not have any tool to do that.
Of cource some parts of sourcecod was reused. I’ve take over sources from […] . Because I was unable to undesrstand what […] had developed I had to develop once again landscape calculations.

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