Street Rod and Street Rod 2 no longer abandonware

Street Rod and Street Rod 2 have been considered Abandonware by many.

As of today, 14th January 2013, Street Rod and Street Rod 2 are no longer abandonware.

This website will provide official download links to Street Rod and Street Rod 2. I’m the process of finding the original sourcecode so the offered downloads are as authentic as they can get. If I fail to find the source code, copies from original 5.25″ floppy discs will be made available for download.

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  1. As a fan of the game i’m very happy to hear that! Do you plan to make avaliable for download also the source if you succed to get them? Congratulations by the project!

    • There are strong hints that the original source code still exists. However, I doubt I can get hold of it. Several requests for it to the original owner were left unanswered.

      At current the plan is to keep the sourcecode closed. I want to investigate if it’s possible to create modifications for Street Rod and Street Rod 2.

      That won’t be easy, the original source is written in C and some parts in assembly.


  2. And what about the DRM? IF you get the originals how people get past the quiz?

    • Hi Chris,

      Once again I didn’t get a response on my request for the original sourcecode. I think I’ll leave it as it is.

      I bought a Kryoflux board and 5.25″ floppydrive to create copies of the original games. I haven’t got it working yet.
      But when I do I’ll create original disk images (including the “quiz”) and make them available for download on this website.
      A list of color keycodes will be supplied as well.

      I’ll offer authentic disk images as well as the cracked versions already available in the download section so players can choose what they want.

  3. mods of this game are doable, that i’m sure of! i’ve had a copy of SR2 a while back that made it possible to put superchargers on fords right off the bat, and that doesnt come stock with the game. So keep ur head up and know it’s been done before, so it’s definetly possible 🙂 And a mash up of SR1 and SR2 would be awesome!! would love to be able to buy an old 1940 coupe and slam a 427 in it with a blower 😛

  4. I downloaded it from the download section but it wont let me boot the game, does it have anything to do with running windows 8?

  5. Me and a coworker are trying to play this game on an emulator and we can’t figure out the controls. All we do is sit at the start line and loose races

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