Join us in the race to fund the original Street Rod Card Game

Hi Street Rodder! Still want to play the original Street Rod cardgame? We went live, just minutes ago! Who’s with us? Click! New features are: Early Bird Discount (check it out) Enhanced gameplay (giving every player a greater chance to win) Online Street Rod Companion App (no more calculations for the lazy ones among us) Extra Reward Tier: […]

Street Rod – the cardgame – Kickstarter campaign started

Today we started the crowdfunding campaign for Street Rod – the Card Game. With your help we can make this project to a success! During the design of the game we made certain to stay close to the original look of the graphics en feel of the gameplay of the original Street Rod games. You […]

Progress on acquiring the original source code

Yesterday someone asked me if I had the original source code. I had to answer “no” to that question. After the conversation I thought: “Maybe try to contact the original owner once more”. So I did and with some success, no response at first, but then… my offer was declined and I got a counter […]

Street Rod – the cardgame – Kickstarter launch date announcement

The launch date of the Street Rod – the cardgame Kickstarter will be May 9th 23rd.

New: Street Rod – the cardgame

This year we will once again enrich the Street Rod universe with: ‘Street Rod – the card game’. Buy parts, customize your rod, race your opponents and beat the king! As the card game is for 2-4 players, now it’s possible to race your friends too. The deck consists of 12 cars, 16 opponents and […]

Exciting news

We’re in the process of fabricating something new, something completely different. Want to know what we’re up to? Tell your friends, save the date, see you on the 1st of March!