1953 Buick Skylark Convertible

Another sneak preview, the 1953 Buick Skylark Convertible.
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Compare it to the real car, it looks awesome [source].

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  1. SR 1 and 2 have a nice bit of attention detail minus the whole “v6” thing (they mainly had I6s back then). I believe this is one of the key factors that really helps make SR what it is and set it’s self apart from other racing games.

  2. Wow, i use to play this 20 years ago. I just started playing again a few days ago and as i was checkin the status of the apparently now canceled sr3 i found this site. I heard about the data disk b4 but i could never find any thing about it. I can not wait until u release the full game or even a beta, hell id love to have the data disk download. Do u have a timetable on any kind of release? And have u tried to run it through an android browser yet? Lastly, i look forward to this more than any new game even any of the next gen console games, keep it up, this project is awesome.

    • Yes, this game will be re-published, the release date will be announced on streetrodonline.com.

      It only runs on DOS, you need an old PC for that or use DOSBox on a modern computer.

      • I use dosbox turbo on android so im lookin forward to playin an updated version of sr on the go. I play sr1 on my phone now but it would be a whole new game with 20+ new cars. Do your data disk have the rumored bridge jump during the road race? I see your using sr1 in the screen shot is it possible to add anything to sr2 since it has more race options, drag racing, longer road race, and the aqueduct race. I will be playing this game alot when you release it. The only problem i see that if its online only that means i cant play if im not around a wifi, but hell id play the game with Tandy graphics to play with the new stuff so not being able to play due to online restraints is pretty minor. Sorry for the long post.

        • Aha, I see, this has nothing to do with Street Rod Online, this is an original Street Rod with some files replaced. So, if you’re able to run Street Rod on DOSBox on Android, you should also be able to play this game.

          Because it’s an “add on” for Street Rod I’m not able to add anything from Street Rod 2 which is technically a different game.

          I didn’t see a broken bridge yet while racing (:

  3. Ya, sorry i just finish readin all of the archives. I should of done that first before posting. I’m glad i read them too because i came across the skyline cheat which is awesome 4 sure. Since u have to pay for all the copyrights and all the other expenses, is the plan to sell the game when finished, because if u port it to android as a free standalone app without dosbox and just add AD support for an AD or two during startup you WOULD be a millionaire if the guy who made flappy birds became one. I leave you alone now.

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