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Street Rod Data Disk in Computer Gaming World issue 67

While the Data Disks are on their way to Europe I found a “rumor” article in Computer Gaming World, issue 67, January 1990.

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… The whole scene made me wonder if California Dreams plans to put a “woofer and tweeter shoot-out” in their Street Rod data disk (due early this year). I doubt it, but I’m told it will feature some very different kinds of races (like jumping a broken bridge, for example).

I think he mixed up the rumor about the Street Rod Data Disk with Stunts which was also released in (October) 1990 which indeed featured jumping a “a broken bridge”.

Does anyone know what a “woofer and tweeter shoot-out” is?

One comment on “Street Rod Data Disk in Computer Gaming World issue 67

  1. A “woofer and tweeter shoot-out” is referring to a competition between the audio systems of two vehicles. 😛

    I think they were referring to lowrider culture and their tendency to install heavy sound systems in their cars.

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