Street Rod for Amiga

Here’s what I’ve been waiting for: An original Amiga version of Street Rod.


It’s an “Electronic Arts Distribution” version which means it’s a first release version of Street Rod. This version has a full colour manual. Later versions have a simple black and white photocopied manual and don’t have an “Electronic Arts Distribution” sticker on the box.


This game-box is still in it’s original shrink-wrap. The interesting bit about it is the “California Dreams” sticker applied on top of the “Electronic Arts Distribution”. The latter one is applied to the box, the former one is applied to the shrink-wrap.
This raises a question: Why did California Dreams apply their own sticker?


The next question is: What’s inside?
I’m still on the hunt for information about the Street Rod Car Data Disk. Would this game-box contain new, yet unknown, information? It’s very tempting to open the shrink-wrap and take a look inside. The downside is it will ruin the value of the game-box.
There’s a great chance this box contains no clues whatsoever. Because it’s a first release box it might be too early (1989) for the Car Data Disk (which was announced in 1990).

What would you do?